Episode 10: Staying a Student

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Video Transcript
Throughout the halls at Google, deep in the mysterious basements of where they discuss their top secret SEO algorithm, there lies a common notion, followed by all Googlers. “The only constant thing about SEO, is that it’s not constant.” That’s a pretty profound and important detail to remember. Basically, what they are saying is that Google’s search engine algorithm is always evolving. That being said, it is impossible to know everything there is to know about SEO. In fact, it’s understood by many that Google makes hundreds of changes, some small and some big, to their algorithm each year. So, when some misinformed chap tells you that “SEO is dying”, you simply tell them, “No, it’s evolving.”

The constant evolution of SEO means that you have to stay a student. If you’re not reading the latest blogs, following algorithm updates, and reading other SEO expert’s case studies, then you’re not doing your job as an SEO expert. You have to stay a student. You need to study. You need to put time aside every week to read and to study; even if for only a couple hours. Don’t let this worry you, because we’re not doing rocket science. You’re not learning how to split atoms. It’s just that Google, and other search engines, do not publish the secrets to their algorithm out of fear that spammers will manipulate the system and ruin user experience.


The last thing you need to learn from the SEO For Beginner’s Guide is that you must always stay a student. Below I’ve made a list of a few of my favorites. I am sure I am missing a few. But this should get you started. Good luck.