Episode 8: Content Marketing

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I want to begin this episode with a quote from good old JFK: “A rising tide lifts all ships.” The SEO you do for a site has a big impact on the website’s Domain Authority. Domain Authority is really very simple to understand. Domain Authority is how much clout, value, or importance a website has in the eyes of major search engines, like Google. So, as you optimize your website, and as you optimize your landing pages, you’re also building and growing your Domain’s Authority. This is super important because as I said earlier, “A rising tide lifts all ships.”

As many of the better SEO professionals have discovered,  the most important factor that will increase your Domain’s Authority the most is creating awesome, informative, and visual content. Many refer to this as “Content Marketing”. By adding quality content to your site over time, you are increasing the authority of your domain, because people are linking to that awesome content and sharing it on social media sites.

So, if you keep creating really good content on your site, maybe through a blog, or resource section; you’re going to find that the landing pages you optimized will start to rise in the search engine rankings. Why? Because, “A rising tide lifts all ships”. In other words, Google is going to give your landing pages more credit as they see your Domain Authority grow.

So, in my opinion, quality content marketing is one of the biggest keys to higher rankings in search engines for all of your landing pages. And I’m not talking about writing boring, pointless articles. I’m talking about researching something and writing about what you discovered. I’m talking about collecting valuable information and statistics, and making them more visual with infographics, so people can easily absorb the information. I’m taking about creating such awesome content that people naturally want to share it or link to it.


So, why should all SEO people focus on creating informative and visual content? Because “a rising tide lifts all ships”. I will leave you with that.

Episode 9: Analytics →